Price : $199.99
Brand : Techerific

DeciVibe – 16GB – Celphone Call Recording – Landline Call Recorders – MP3 Player – Digital Voice Recorder – 50 Year Warranty – Smartphone and Cellphone Audio Recorder

Introducing the DeciVibe – Vibes that Rock Your Decibel World! Sick of the low quality voice recorders that are recording at only 192KBPS and are constantly dying on you? We got this! The DeciVibe will blow you away at a stellar 1536KBPS audio quality coupled with an incredible rechargeable battery with a duration of 20 hours. Built with a beastly drop-resistant, durable, and stylish zinc body, you know you’ve finally stumbled across that elusive voice recorder that up until now has only been envisioned in your wildest imaginations. Comes with two 360° multi-directional microphones at the top to catch every nuance, with adjustable Noise Cancellation and Audio Gain Control to capture a perfect recording flawlessly and easily, every single time.

The DeciVibe features celphone call recording compatible with any smartphone, just plug in our nifty adapter and you’re ready to cherish conversations with loved ones for years to come. Besides, if you’re a bit more old school and just love your landline, we’ve got an adapter included for that too. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Includes password protection, alarm clock, and multiple folders for better organization of all your hundreds of recordings. Featuring quick bookmarking for review later to supercharge your studies, optional voice activation, expandable memory via a microsd card (up to 16GB additional memory!), and functionality as an MP3 player, the DeciVibe will meet any and every need you may have with being so versatile!

We’ve built this to LAST! Comes with a 50 Year Warranty and 90 Day Hassle-Free Return Policy! So give it a try COMPLETELY risk-free!


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