Price : $999.07
Brand : Digitel


The 2-line DigiTel Call-In Dictation System can be connected to any computer’s USB Port running any version of Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8. 8.1 10), and from to one to two analog phone lines or analog phone extensions into its RJ-11 phone jacks. Four phone cables are included. The number of phone lines connected to the system equates to the number of users that can call in at the same time. But a few ports goes a long way. A 2-line system typically supports up to 8 users with hardly ever getting a busy signal, due to the random nature of when a user calls in throughout the day. Your users simply dial its phone number, enter a PIN (that you’ve selected for them) and dictate, controlling their session with their phone’s touch-tones to Record, Pause, Play back ,etc. Your users press # or simply hang-up to send their dictations to the desired transcriptionist or secretary. Your users can call the system from any phone, any time of the day or night to dictate. Your secretary or transcriptionist will use our DigiScribe Transcription Kit (sold separately) to retrieve your dictations and have foot pedal control over their play back. Our DigiAlert software utility (sold separately) can email and text your secretary to let them know the instant your users have dictated. Our FTPMagic software utility can be used with our FTP Folder rental service (sold separately) to securely get your dictations to your secretary when they are beyond the reach of your network, such as when they work at home or from another location than where your DigiTel Dictation System is installed. The system includes initial installation, setup and training at no additional cost, and has a 30-day money-back guarantee. The User and Installation Manuals are available for view at Have a question, ask Andy by calling 1-631-828-1245 or by email at [email protected]


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