Price : $36.73
Brand : Duro-Med

Duro-Med Step Stool with Handle, Silver and Black

Safety While You Step
When you need to reach something on the top shelf or step up to a higher level such as a bed or vehicle, the Duro-Med Foot Stool gives you the height and stability you need. Unlike most step stools that provide no place to put your hands, the Duro-Med Foot Stool gives you a convenient handle to use to steady yourself. No more losing your balance as you climb to a higher level! You will also gain firm footing on the non-slip matting.

Get Into Vehicles With Ease
Do you or one of your family members need a boost when getting into higher profile vehicles like vans, trucks and SUVs? This sturdy stool will make it easier than ever to take that extra step. No more worries about elderly relatives or children getting into your car! 


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