Price : $15.45
Brand : Labelmaster®

Labelmaster VRBIO Square-On-Point Biohazard Removable Marking Placard, Vinyl, 273 mm x 273 mm (Pack of 25)

Ensure that shipments are properly identified and in compliance with Labelmaster’s Square-On-Point Biohazard Markings in removable vinyl. Except for transportation by aircraft or as otherwise provided in 49 CFR 172.315, a package containing a limited quantity of hazardous materials is not required to be marked with the proper shipping name provided it is marked with the biohazard warning symbol and biohazard legend within a square-on-point border. Available with a preprinted biohazard legend and warning symbol, these durable and removable PVC-free vinyl markings measure 273 x 273mm and are sold in packs of 25 as well as cases of 900.


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