Price : $69.99
Brand : Miusco

Miusco Cloud Mat, Certified Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Comfort Mat, 20 X 39 inch, Grey

How it works?

Miusco Cloud Mat uses 0.75 inch thick, high density materials to provide soft yet strong support for your feet. Normally the pressure will focus on front and back of your feet while standing; with our technology, Miusco Cloud Mat is able to average the pressure area to your entire feet, thus less discomfort to your feet, keens and lower back.

Why Miusco Cloud Mat?

By using thinner mat, the pressure reduce effort would be much lower. Plus safety is our priority, that’s why Miusco Cloud Mat uses waterproof surface, non-slip bottom and beveled edge keeps mat in place and avoid tripping.

Multi-Surface, All-Purpose

Can be placed on any type of floors, it will stay flat and still. Ideal for kitchen, office, school and any task that requires long-hour of standing.


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