Brand : Panasonic

Panasonic KV-S1027C-NT Document Scanner with Neat Business Bundle

Powerful, intuitive Neat software is the perfect companion for Panasonic scanners. Neat excels at recognizing, extracting and interpreting captured data, virtually eliminating manual data entry. It automatically categorizes data – receipts flow into expense accounts, business cards into contacts – so there is no sorting or bookkeeping to do. Neat identifies and extracts key information like vendors, totals and tax from receipts, virtually eliminating manual data entry. Everything you add to Neat is saved and backed up on secure cloud servers with bank-level encryption. Every word of every item in Neat is easily searchable, so you can find anything fast. Your Neat files and folders are completely shareable, and Neat’s built-in commenting tools let your coworkers communicate right alongside the files. Since coworkers can only access what you share with them, you retain complete control. Neat works in real time with QuickBooks Online, and exports directly to Excel, TurboTax (R) and Quicken (R). Business cards export directly to your contact app, Constant Contact (R), MailChimp (R), Outlook (R), Google (R) accounts and LinkedIn (R). Neat automatically recognizes and categorizes expenses. Plus you can run reports and search by vendor, amount or date. Designed for desktop use in small businesses and departments, Panasonic workgroup scanners capture sharp and clear images – ideal for advanced data extraction when used with Neat’s software. Plus, they’re proven performers that have racked up years of repair-free service.


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