Price : $29.99
Brand : Weefun

Weefun Digital Voice Recorder Watch and MP3 Player, Spy Recorder with Time Display, Dynamic Noise Reduction for Sports Class Interviews Meetings – Black (8GB)

Compared with our old digital voice recorder, Weefun Digital Voice Recorder Watch has a new time display and a more comfortable band, providing convenience for your job and your daily life. It is an ideal present for students, writers and teachers.
Enjoy yourself anytime when you are wearing Weefun Digital Voice Recorder Watch to instantly play your music with your own MP3s.

How to record
Push switch to “ON” (making sure your earbuds are disconnected) to enter into the recording state. The screen will illuminate to inform you when the recording has begun. To ensure it’s still recording you can press the button on the upper right, as long as the time shows the watch is recording. To save the sound recording switch to “OFF” and the screen will illuminate letting you know the file length and then power down.

How to switch between MP3 or Audio Recording
Insert earphones, push switch to “ON”. It will start in MP3 function, to switch to sound recording or back simply press the “M” button to select the mode. If you want to move to next or last files or tracks, just press “+” or “-” button to switch freely.

How to set time and change language
Press and hold “+” and “-” for a few seconds simultaneously to enter into the system menu. Under the system menu use “+” and “-” for selecting; press “M” to enter and exit; hold “M” for a few seconds to exit the menu.

Technical Specifications
WAV:Recording Format
Audio file playback format: MP3/WMA/WAV
8GB stores sound recording for 96 hours
Music media data flow rate:

Package Included
Recorder watch
1 x USB cable
1 x Earphone
1 x English manual

1.How to make files timestamped:How to make files timestamped: 1.How to make files timestamped: Once the watch is plugged into your PC and it loads inside you will find an app folder entitled “SETTIME” click on that to sync time from your PC to your watch.


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